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Count Your Blessings
  • Gratitude For Every Day

    Reflection and gratitude is a wonderful way to end the year. Not just because Thanksgiving is in November, but because every day is an opportunity to learn, to love, and to become the best we can be. As we move into the holidays and prepare for the New Year, let's make gratitude our foundation for moving forward. 5 Minutes Every Day Will Make You A Noble Soul "Give yourself a gift of five... Continue Reading!

  • Missed Opportunities and Synchronicity


    Missed opportunities happen more often than we might think because most of the time we aren’t aware enough to notice. When you do see a missed opportunity, it can be agonizing. The moment has passed, and it’s not slowing down or reversing its course for you. Sometimes we don’t realize the Universe uses us to impart vital truths that spark creative impulses in others. We have much to give... Continue Reading!

  • Shifting to God’s Perspective


    Imagine wearing red sunglasses. If you wore red sunglasses for a week, what color would the world appear? Red? What if you wore them for a few years? What color would the world appear? It would appear normal. In fact, the world would stop appearing to be red. It would just be the world. That would simply be the way things are. We would no longer be aware of wearing red sunglasses and we... Continue Reading!

  • Watch Lasting Imprint on YouTube

    Lasting Imprint videos

    Faith Fusion is excited to share Lasting Imprint with everyone. This video series is a great way to learn more about the Divine Principle or share it with friends. Each of the thirteen dynamic episodes is just 20-25 minutes long. We will release a new episode every other week, starting today. Each episode builds on the one preceding it, creating a clear picture of the human condition and our... Continue Reading!

  • How Big is Your Dream?


    “In front of a mirror, you must ask yourself, ‘What dreams have I carried out so far?’ Your dream shouldn’t just be a dream for yourself but first be a dream for Heaven and all humankind. The Kingdom of God begins in your mind. What kind of mind? A mind that seeks to bring blessing to others. The foundation to be able to meet the Kingdom of God is not in the environment but within... Continue Reading!