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Faith Fusion understands that everyone is on a life journey and has a unique experience. This blog, our Sunday Celebrations and other meetings offer you an opportunity to grow and learn, no matter where you’re at on your life path. We are here to inspire you!

The internal growth process begins with being inspired – so we Invite You to our Sunday Celebrations. It’s a time to receive and be spiritually uplifted. It’s in the growing awareness of our relationship as God’s eternal son’s and daughters that we discover our true dignity and value.

Faith Fusion is about celebrating life and discovering what you have to give this world. It’s the place where you can experience what it means to be one family under God. Inspiration can happen each and every day, all the time, but it helps to have a community where you can feel nourished, supported and be refreshed as you walk your path.

We hope that Faith Fusion will become an important part of your life journey. This site will give you a brief look into who we are, what we believe and what we do. Visit the Photo Gallery to see our members and recent events. If you live in NH the best way to learn about us is to visit on Sunday and get to know us. We are a church with a message that’s relevant for today’s world.

If you are from another place, please enjoy our blog posts, podcasts and videos, and feel free to leave your comments. We are here for you.

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