A community wherever you may be on your path…

at NH Faith Fusion you will find a supportive interfaith community with a wealth of opportunities for spiritual and personal growth.

We are located in Manchester, New Hampshire, so if you live nearby we’d love to meet you. Join us for an uplifting Sunday study group at our bi-monthly meetings in Manchester.  Make new friends and gain support for your life’s quest.

A supportive faith community without boundaries…

We are an international community with family and friends across the globe. So wherever you are, you are welcome here to dialog with us and empower your life. Follow our blog posts by subscribing, or click on the blog categories under “Join The Conversation” on our home page. Leave your comments on blog posts to start the dialogue. We’re interested in what you think too.

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The hectic pace of life might cause you to forget to take time to nourish yourself spiritually. Next time you have a coffee break, don’t just think  about getting that quick caffeine energy, but think about empowering your mind, heart and spirit too. Current scientific research shows that spirituality, and being part of a faith community, is psychologically healthy.

When your mind, body, emotions and spirit are working together in harmony you can feel happiness in your daily life regardless of your circumstances. We hope you will find resources here at NH Faith Fusion to help you in creating the balanced and joyful life you desire.

Come back often to see what’s new!


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