From Chaos to Cosmos

original imprint

The second session in the Lasting Imprint series is derived from the Principle of Creation in the Divine Principle. The first session was an introduction to the concepts presented in the series. This next video delves deeper into the nature of the universe and purpose of existence.

Original Imprint

In the world around us we can observe order and principles that are common to all living things. Life has it’s cycles, the sun rises and sets, seasons come and go, there is birth, growth, death, and new birth. The environment is self-sustaining as long as the natural order of relationships between all things is not disturbed.

In Original Imprint, we look at these and other patterns within the universe to uncover the purpose and potential they point to. We can observe a grand design that helps us understand our value, and the value of the world around us.

In addition to this, session 2 asks us to consider life after death. Do we have an eternal spirit? If so, where do we go and what is the spiritual realm like?

Lasting Imprint, session 2

“What is God’s purpose in creating human beings? He did not create them just to watch them go about their
daily lives. He did not create them to just grow old and die. God created human beings to have us build a Go centered haven of love. We are created to grow to maturity in love, communicate with each other through heart, and then build God’s Kingdom on earth.” 9/1/68

“How is the spirit world structured? Its air is love. Love serves as air. On earth, your mind and body must experience the sensations of love as the elements that can be harmonized. Once you create the sphere of experiencing those elements, there is nowhere you cannot communicate with each other instantly, just like the tree sap that flows from the bud to the root of a tree. You will naturally sense when God is rejoicing.” 4/17/87

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