Patterns Everywhere Show the Imprint of Divinity

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Session 3 of the Lasting Imprint video series

Everywhere in nature we see patterns of opposites such as masculinity and femininity, internal and external, light and dark, right and left and so on. There are many other patterns as well, allowing all things to exist in harmonious relationship. Does this indicate intelligent design, or did all this just happen by chance?

Science and Religion

This has been an historical debate between religion and science. Some believe that all species and patterns evolved purely based on the instinct to survive. Is there any way to know if these patterns were intentional, with a purpose greater than survival? Could it be that the theories of both religion and science have value?

Love Preexisted the Patterns

“You may ask why a religious figure would fund a conference on science. The reason is because God is the greatest scientist of all. The complicated problems of the world cannot be fully understood within the narrow perspectives of individual fields of knowledge. I recognize that in the Middle Ages religious dogmatism blocked scientific exploration and limited man’s material development. However, it is also a big mistake for humanistic thinkers since the Age of the Enlightenment to hold that religious belief is inferior to reason and that man’s spiritual needs are in conflict with human reason. The creation of the universe began with love. Love preexisted the creation. If the idea of love did not exist, then there would have been no purpose to the principle of male and female. The mineral kingdom consists of positive and negative ions—like male and female. The world of insects consists of male and female. The animal world consists of male and female. Human beings, likewise, are men and women. Before the principle of male and female, there was the idea of love, that things made male and female would become one through love. If the idea of love didn’t exist, this universe pervaded by the duality of male and female would not have arisen.” – Sun Myung Moon, Aug 22, 1991


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