No Man Is An Island On Purpose

What is the purpose of life? What is my value and how do I fit into the bigger scheme of things? People have been searching for the answers to questions like these throughout history.

Why We Feel Value From Relationships

In this 4th section of the Lasting Imprint video series we see how the patterns of the universe create an order of intentional relationships. Nothing lives completely for itself or by itself. Is it possible that everything is designed to support a higher purpose? If so, what is that higher purpose?

Watch this video and decide for yourself. Perhaps you can think of other relationships that give meaning and purpose to life.

“Looking at yourselves, none of you wants to live your life alone and die alone. Every person has a different appearance, but all human beings have deep in their hearts, the aspiration to become global citizens, people whom the world pays attention to. In fact this is the course of life all human beings should follow. It is quite normal to have such aspiration and pursue it. This is because the ultimate human desire is to become an object partner of love to the greatest being. This greatest One is God our Father.” – CSG p. 382

God is the subject of love and is longing to share His whole heart with us. What changes could you make to become more receptive to His love?

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