Would You Have Believed In Jesus 2000 Years Ago?

Everyone has heard the phrase that hindsight is 20/20. How many times have you thought “I wish I’d known then, what I know now.” I know I have said that!

The Turning Point of History

This week’s video of the Lasting Imprint series “The Turning Point of History” begs that exact question. What if people at the time of Jesus had understood who he was and more importantly done what he asked of them?  You might be surprised by how Jesus answered an important question posed by his disciples “What should we be doing to do the will of God?”  Who wouldn’t love to have a one-on-one with Jesus and the chance to ask any question. Jesus’ answer might surprise you.  Watch the video to find out his answer.

The “Turning Point in History” delves into some deep stuff! You’ve maybe heard of the Axial period of history. It’s a time when everything was changing. Karl Jaspers who wrote “The Origin and Goal of History” explains that virtually every major religion or philosophical tradition has its origin in the same time period in history – around 500 BC. This axis of history is to be found around 500 BC. It’s the time period in which Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were reshaping the way people lived and thought.


Putting the Puzzle Pieces Together

It’s fascinating to note that Buddha was concerned with personal development and maturity, while Confucius focused on right relationships through an ethical framework, and the Greek and Roman philosophers were concerned with improving life in the world. All kinds of scientific and mathematical breakthroughs occurred. It’s amazing that these various schools of thought represented huge leaps forward for humankind but they were not complete by themselves, rather they were pieces of a larger puzzle.

The Turning Point of History explores the forces behind the developments leading up to the time when a poor itinerant preacher changed the world through his revolutionary message.

In the shoes of a servant with the heart of the Father

“Rejected by the prepared people, Jesus appeared as a laborer and became a friend of fishermen. He shared with them his life, heart and desires. He fought for them, determined to satisfy their hearts’ desires. As a result, Peter and the other fishermen could follow him. After selecting these uneducated disciples, what did Jesus do for three years? He served them, just as God had toiled for 4,000 years as a servant to raise the Israelites. Jesus had great hopes for his twelve chosen disciples. He never forgot that God had sent him to influence Judaism by guiding its priests and officials. His teaching was grand, his hopes were high, and his passion was great. After enduring the agony of rejection by the chief priests and scribes… Jesus sacrificed and served to raise up his disciples to take their place.” -Sun Myung Moon, 2/1/59

“What does Heaven long for? Not for believers, but for those who practice and substantiate their faith in their daily life.” -Sun Myung Moon, 3/29/59


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