Believe In Your Vision Because God Gave It To You

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Everyone knows what it’s like to get into a rut. Everywhere you turn, you see something negative that just confirms your worst fears. You wonder how you arrived in that place. This isn’t a new problem. For thousands of years, people have been wondering why they get stuck in a point of view that brings them down.

You know you can’t solve a problem until you figure out what’s wrong. How do you change your reality when you can’t figure out how you ended up there? The Divine Principle has some useful insight on this.

Losing Sight of the Bigger Picture

Chapter 2 of this remarkable book (DP), explains the process whereby individuals that were created in the image of the God, became so damaged that they lost their resemblance to God and goodness. What went wrong? In Chapter 2, Rev. Moon explains that man and woman didn’t become separated from God in an instant, but through a gradual process that involved thoughts followed by choices. What did that look like?

Separation from God and our true identity began with a state of mind, not an action. The Divine Principle explains that we lost God’s point of view about ourselves, the future, and the purpose of life. That was the beginning of the troubled history of humanity. On the one hand, this seems obvious, but on the other hand it’s not.

The Root of the Problem

A history of conflict began when the first human beings lost touch with the vision that God had for their lives. If you read the Bible, it says Adam and Eve disobeyed the Commandment, or broke the rules. But there was a much bigger problem than disobedience; they got stuck in a rut of immature emotions and ignorance. This is the same problem that pulls you and me down today.

The first man and woman were entrusted with a beautiful vision; God told them that all he wanted (like any parent) was for them to be happy. God gave them a blueprint for creating happiness: “be fruitful, multiply and have dominion.” If you drop the Bible speak, it simply means: grow your heart and mind to reach maturity; become a person of integrity who can fully give and receive love; create a loving family and take care of the physical world that is your home.

Have Faith that Conquers Doubt

However, instead of holding onto that vision, the first man and woman began a thought pattern that has haunted us ever since – we doubt ourselves. Our problems stem from not trusting that we are deeply loved; we can’t see ourselves as God sees us. We don’t believe we are restore faith in your visionworthy. In losing God’s point of view we limit our experience and the quality of our lives. We lack patience, and don’t give God the time of day to show us what He wants us to see. Rev. Moon spoke extensively on this subject:

“The reason Adam and Eve fell was because they doubted. Hence, during the process of restoration, whenever we have any doubts we should clarify them. A doubt that is allowed to grow large will preoccupy the mind. Therefore, you must have the courage and determination, even the audacity, to get clarification from God for any question you have.” Sun Myung Moon

 “When your faith is big, reality seems small. But when your faith is small, reality looms overwhelmingly before you.” Sun Myung Moon

“Life grounded in faith in God has the quality of constancy.” Sun Myung Moon

A Life Connected To God’s Vision

God has a vision for your life and if you connect to it, you will have incredible power to realize your dreams. Sometimes it helps to write it down or create picture to remind you of who you are and what God believes you can achieve. You might be surprised.

I am reminded of the story of Abraham. In Genesis, it says that God gave Abraham a vision. Abraham had been struggling because he wanted a legitimate heir to pass his wealth onto. It all seemed so impossible, just as some of the things we aspire to appear unlikely. But God showed Abraham the night sky and told him “Look up at the sky and count the stars—if indeed you can count them.” Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”

What’s your dream? What would you wish for? Do you see yourself touching the world? Dream about something that is too big for you to accomplish on your own. If your partner is God, then your potential is limitless.

Create your vision and hold onto it

Today, at Faith Fusion everyone went home with a picture frame to create an image that could express their vision. By looking at it every day, we remind ourselves of where we are going and the faith we have in that vision.

create your vision


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