Over 50 and Looking for Adventure?

The Leda Project is happy to announce it’s 2017 Eco-Service Project – July 13th through July 24th, in Leda and the Chaco Region of Paraguay. An adventure for the young at heart with an appreciation for nature and service. Hurry up and register as participation is limited to 15 people.

Senior’s Only Eco-Tour

This program offers a unique opportunity to visit an area which is the home of over 500 species of birds, 300 species of mammals and hundreds of species of fish. You will hear first-hand accounts of the unique pioneering experiences that have gone into developing the Leda Settlement.

Initially, participants will visit a thriving Mennonite community that began in 1927. These settlers had a desire to live in a land where they would be free to live according to their religious values.  Participants will continue their journey by trekking across the Chaco region by bus and boat to the Leda Settlement.

In 1999, the Leda area was considered ‘forsaken and abandoned’,  but Rev. Moon inspired a group of Japanese Elders with the challenge to turn what appears to be a hellish environment, into a heaven on earth.

Leda FishTaking Rev. Moon’s challenge to heart, for two decades these righteous pioneers have worked to establish a sustainable settlement that has made advances in aquaculture, agriculture and animal husbandry. The settlement strives to be a model community working to alleviate the hunger crisis while making notable contributions to the indigenous villagers. Service to indigenous communities has included building schools, offering employment and job training, replenishing fish resources and creating tree plantations.

What You Will Get From This Adventure 

Participants will gain a deep appreciation of the efforts of the Japanese pioneers in Leda and understand more clearly Rev. & Mrs. Moon’s vision and efforts in South America, and the value of this to future generations.  While in the Leda area you can enjoy incredible fishing, horseback riding and seeing the pristine natural beauty of a sunset on the Paraguay River.

Come share and experience Leda’s unique approaches to agriculture, aquaculture, and visit ‘Pig Land’, to see how the free range system is working.  While in Leda you will visit neighboring  indigenous villages.  These communities were without electricity, running water and even a school when the pioneers first arrived. Since that time, Leda members and  international volunteers have made significant contributions that have benefited those communities while established deep bounds of friendship.

PiglandParticipation is open to older adults who have no major medical condition. It is helpful if the applicants can speak either English or Japanese.  The participation fee is only $ 1,200 and covers rooms, board and local transportation.  Participants are responsible for their international travel. We will meet in the capital city of Asuncion.  We look forward to seeing you there!

If you want to know more about the Leda Project visit our website at: www.ledaproject.com.

Feel free to contact John Gehring at johngehring2@gmail.com with any questions or suggestions.

Itinerary: Senior Eco-Tour    

July 13-24, 2017

July 13 (Thu.)   Arrive Asuncion: Stay at a hotel

July 14 (Fri.)      Visit Loma Plata a Mennonite Community: Stay at a hotel

July 15 (Sat.)     Travel by bus to  the port of Vallemi.  Stay at a Hotel

July 16 (Sun.)     Travel 5 hours by speed boat to Leda

July 17-21          Stay 5 days at Leda

July 17 (Mon.)   Leda–presentation & tour

July 18  (Tue.)     Experience pioneering, Fishing

July 19  (Wed.)    Friendship ceremony at a neighboring Indigenous Village

July 20  (Thu.)      Nature tour

July 21  (Fri.)        Depart from Leda to Asuncion by Airplane. Hotel stay.

July 22  (Sat.)       Tour the Asunicon. Go to Iguazu Falls by Airplane, stay at a hotel

July 23(Sun.)        Tour Igunazu Falls and the Bird Park,. Stay at a hotel.

July 24(Mon.)      Arrive in Asuncion early in the morning by airplane

Departures for the USA

The Project Fee is $ 1,200 for July 13-24 (participants are also responsible for their travel from the USA to Asuncion)

More info: http://www.ledaproject.com/senior-eco-service-tour


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