Time and Space Have No Limit on Your Heart

time and space

When you’re “over the hill”, your kids have moved out, and you’re facing the latter years of life, time and space start to look a little different. You no longer need as much space, but you wish you had more time. Not only that, older people tend to get lost in reflection, there’s a lot to look back at.

Today I want to challenge everyone to become an “Over the Hill Hero”. Now is the time to fulfill your life goals, the deeper ones. I’m not talking about a cushy retirement or your bucket list. I’m talking about the goal of why you exist in time and space.

When you were very young, it was hard to grasp the concept of time & space. A child becomes lost in play, absorbed in a cartoon or movie, unaware of the environment or needs around them. A child doesn’t think about the next task that needs to be done or the appointment they need get to. Children also have difficulty reflecting because they exist in the moment.

In a way, you could say that birth to 4 is an ideal state of existence: No worries, no obligations, no concerns except what’s happening in the moment. Nowhere to go or be but now, no money to earn, no chores to do, only discovery of something new each moment. Don’t we all wish we could live like that?

The Down Side of Linear Thinking

As adults, we’ve become completely adapted to linear existence, so a child’s state of being can be a struggle for us. We have an agenda, a schedule, tasks that need to be done within certain time limits. Have to get to work on time and pay the bills on time, have to prepare meals on time, go to sleep and wake up on time, etc.

Adults see the beginning and end and all the steps in between, that’s linear thinking. We remember the past and we imagine the future, so we make plans and plot a course. A small child is not in that space yet, their experience of past is limited and mostly logged in emotion rather than thought. They don’t have enough experience, knowledge or logic to project very far into the future.

One of the biggest struggles of parents is to help their young children adapt to the demands of time and space. Adapting to time and space is the chore of growing up, but most of the time it happens seamlessly, we don’t notice it.  However, in this process, we often lose something very important – the ability to experience love in each moment.

We get stuck in the past or future

What often happens is that our ability to experience love gets stuck in a past emotional experience. Or sometimes we project love into the future – the hope that “one day someone will love me“. This problem of getting stuck in emotion, or closing our heart, has unlimited unhealthy manifestations. That’s our reality, that’s the world we live in. This is the result of the fall of man.

Young girl in trouble with mother

Maybe you had an alcoholic parent, an emotionally absent parent, divorced parents, an abusive sibling or uncle, or you were bullied in school, raped or molested. These experiences are common. But people can get stuck emotionally even in situations that are not as intense or damaging. Life is full of problems, trauma and turmoil and we haven’t yet figured out how to create a safe space to grow up in.

Adults also need a safe space to retreat to. A place to heal from wounds or rejuvenate from the daily grind. Even if the world were a perfect place full of perfect people, there would still be challenges and times when we need to rest or be comforted.

The ideal of love

That safe space is the realm of heart. Rev. Moon described HEART as, “the impulse to love”. It is beyond emotion, it is pure goodness, where truth, beauty and peace come from. But you can’t teach that in words, it has to be experienced. In the ideal, it would be experienced through parents who embody God’s love. If that had happened in the beginning of time we would be living in a totally different world.

Since it didn’t happen, everyone struggles to find peace and experience love. Religion is the result of our desperation to rectify this problem, but it’s a really poor replacement for the love of God. Religion should be a reference point for morality, and a support on the path to discover your personal relationship with God. But too often, our experience with religion blocks us even further from becoming the embodiment of truth and love.

Experiencing God

This is why Jesus said we need to be born again – in the realm of heart. We don’t need more religion, we need to experience God. We need to experience a depth of heart that is beyond words and changes us dramatically.  Because God is invisible and beyond time and space, He/ She is always available, to anyone who invites God in, and believes this experience is possible.

But then, like any relationship, you have to make effort to keep it alive. It’s not just a one-time deal. Opening your heart to God is just the beginning of growing in the realm of heart. And because God is invisible, and you are limited by time and space, you have to make a lot of effort.

There are very few people in the world who exist in love each moment regardless of what’s happening around them, or within them. If you’ve ever met a very wise person with a deep heart you might have noticed how childlike they are. They can laugh, cry, become angry, sad, frustrated or happy in each moment, without getting stuck or holding onto those emotions. One second they could be outrageously courageous and bold, the next minute they are meek and humble. That’s because they are rooted in a deeper awareness of their own value. They know the love that is beyond time and space. A love that is the center of all existence.

I’ve been blessed to have known a few people like this in my lifetime.

Back to our reality

It’s hard for us to imagine living in the realm of heart because we are so conditioned to the culture and expectations we’ve been raised with. We mimic our parent’s actions and reactions. Striving to become what we think we should be, we struggle to fit in. Making our place in this demanding and externally goal oriented world has become a priority. We fill love’s void with other methods of finding peace, happiness and security.

The 40-year time period from 20 to 60 is a time of constant striving. We get caught up in education goals, career goals, financial goals, relationship and family goals.

♥ But do we have heart goals? ♥

I think we do, but we don’t plan and invest in those goals the same way we invest in our other life plans. We just expect love to manifest somehow, we expect our hearts will grow with each new stage of life. But it doesn’t always happen that way. We can easily get stuck because of some bad experiences.

The Deadline

Everyone knows that there is a deadline, life will end. You have a certain number of years to get it together and become whatever you’re going to become. We’re naturally ambitious and constantly work toward a better life.

funeralBut, what we’ve forgotten about is the nature of eternity, and the purpose of time and space. Eternity is the realm of heart, where the condition of your heart exists eternally. Time and space is your precious opportunity to grow the capacity of your heart. We can become the embodiment of unconditional love, truth and goodness in our lifetime – or not.

When we leave this linear existence and enter the realm beyond time and space, what exactly is it that goes there? Certainly not your clothes, your car or your money. Your body will be 6 feet under, or turned to ashes. It’s only your invisible heart that lives on, so the condition of your spiritual heart should be your greatest concern in this lifetime.

♥ You exist where your heart is regardless of time or space. ♥

Is your heart growing no matter what you experience? The world is full of people who are stuck in resentment, anger, hatred, need, self-pity, insecurity, arrogance and self-loathing. These things are the opposite of love and obstacles to living in the realm of heart.

The University of Heart

I believe humankind is maturing and the world is shifting. One of the biggest things that needs to change is the way we educate our children, within the family and in the school systems. In the near future I hope someone will create a University of Heart.

Imagine the course selections:

  • How to heal a wounded heart
  • Growing your capacity to love
  • How to be a source of joy
  • Learn to give unconditionally
  • Living in the Realm of Heart, etc.

I think there’s already been a lot of books written on these topics, but a course needs to be interactive. Words and intellect are never enough to teach such things. People learn best in an immersive environment, and by doing.

We need external solutions to the problems of this world, but those solutions should come from the hearts and minds of people rooted in God’s unconditional love. Not just people who study about it, but people who live it.

Become a Love Guru

I believe Rev. Moon wanted us to become that kind of person. People who can teach the realm of God’s heart by our own example. That’s why he spent his life traveling the world giving speeches, living with people of all nations and showing the example of his heart. He spent millions of dollars investing in peace programs, education and missions. No matter what circumstance he was in, even in prison, he was filled with love and gratitude. No matter what wrongs people committed, he forgave and loved them.

The world needs more love teachers, heart teachers, in every country, city and town. God wants his/ her heart to be known in every walk of life, in every neighborhood, and in every home. If you’ve experienced God’s heart, even a little bit, it’s time to become a a love guru.






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