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Recently I’ve been reading a book called “Food Rx”, by Haylie Pomroy. Although it’s focus is the science of the body and nutrition, reading this book has been quite a spiritual experience. And why shouldn’t it be, since the body is the temple of God, right?

“Do you not know that you’re the temple of God, and the spirit of God dwells in You?” – I Corinthians 3:16

How many millions of believers have read this quote; and yet, how many believe it? Contained in this book are some scientific facts that might improve your faith in being God’s temple. Ms. Pomroy states,

“You have a very smart body. Brilliant, even. It knows how to change when its environment changes to preserve your health as well as it can. It knows how to change because…Your body does what it must do in the face of adversity to keep you alive.” – Pomroy, Haylie. Fast Metabolism Food Rx: 7 (pp. 27-28).

You Are an Individual Truth Body

The Divine Principle explains that we are each a unique expression of the truth and love of God. In fact, it says that we can experience God’s heart and soul as our own. What a radical idea; yet, it’s not that different from the Bible quote above.

But we walk around criticizing ourselves daily, “I’m too fat, skinny, ugly”, etc. We feel frustrated about not being able to change our bodies, or we spend millions of dollars in an effort to do so. Somehow I don’t think that’s what God had in mind when He/She created human beings.

Everyone wants to have a body that looks good, feels good, and performs well. But maybe it already performs well, and the reason we don’t look or feel good is because we don’t understand it – so we don’t treat it well.

You Are Not a Carbon Copy of Anyone Else

How many diets have you tried? Maybe your friend lost 50 lbs, but you only lost 5 lbs on the same diet. Maybe you exercise more than your body imagebrother or sister, yet they’ve always been skinny and you’ve always been a little chunky. Haylie says there isn’t one solution that fits everyone:

“Health is not contained in a generic, one-size-fits-all list of good foods and bad foods, or foods to add and foods to subtract. People are not generic, one-size-fits-all carbon copies of each other. Thank God.” – Pomroy, Haylie. Fast Metabolism Food Rx (pp. 17). Kindle Edition.

She specializes in writing food prescriptions for each person’s unique metabolic needs, so the body can return to homeostasis. If your body isn’t metabolizing fat, sugar, hormones, nutrients, protein or toxins properly it’s because it’s adapting for some reason. That reason could be physical, mental, emotional or environmental – or all four. They body constantly adapts to deal with the way we live, and that includes the food we eat, our environment, our habits, and our thoughts and feelings.

What is Mind and Body Unity Centered on God?

Your mind can do whatever it wants, but your body can’t. Your body follows some rules; it has a pretty detailed fail-safe for when things go wrong. Your body has mechanisms for healing, repairing and optimizing, as well as last resort methods for staying alive. It also speaks to you through sensations, aches and pains, fevers and illness. We need to learn the body’s language and “Food Rx” is a beginning point.

But your mind has freedom, it can wander anywhere and even get you into big trouble. The Bible and the Divine Principle tell us that humans have free will because true love can only exist within freedom and responsibility. We’re responsible to direct our mind toward truth and love so God can fully manifest within us. We were created to be a temple, but God can’t move in uninvited.

We have a responsibility to our body, to love it and care for it well. To appreciate all it does for us, and to recognize it’s true value. How healthy dietmiraculous is the human body, a microcosm of the physical universe? With these thoughts we have to ask ourselves, “what is health, and what am I doing about it?”

“The real key to health is to be able to empower the body and purposefully manipulate what your unique body does with the particular foods you eat. When you can do that, then you suddenly have all the power, sitting right there on your plate.” – Haylie Pomroy

Being a person who was born with compromised health, and having struggled with health and weight issues my whole life, I have to say this is the first time I feel hope for my body. Reading this book has helped me begin to unravel the mysterious relationships between genetics, disease, lifestyle, environment, food, thoughts, emotions, metabolism and spirit.  And I’m starting to feel good again.



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