You Get Back What You Give

Today is “Giving Tuesday” and everyone is fundraising! It’s a day that makes some people feel uncomfortable, and inspires others to be generous. Kind of like the Salvation Army Santa’s standing in front of every store. I feel a little guilty if I don’t toss some change in the bucket, but sometimes I literally don’t have any spare change.

Giving is Like Gratitude

Being able to give, even a little, is a blessing. The simple act of donating some change can brighten your spirit. We are wired to share and support others because giving is the force that creates life. All energy comes from the forces of give and take action, and giving is the initiative force.

So being generous makes you feel good, even when you don’t receive something in return or see the benefit right away. In that sense we can say that it’s an act of trust. We believe it will do some good. It’s also an action that expresses gratitude. It’s like you’re saying, “I have enough so I can share”.

Find a Cause You Care About

giveSometimes people get overwhelmed because there seems to be endless needs out there. We want to support good causes but how do you choose? The key to increasing joy from your resources, is to invest in something you sincerely care about. Just giving out of obligation or a sense of guilt is not fulfilling, you can even end up feeling resentful. But when you give because you deeply care about something or someone, you always want to give more.

I love animals and nature, so I’m a strong supporter of the World Wildlife Fund. I don’t have a lot of money, but I know if many people like me give a little, it will add up to a lot. So I donate a little several times a year knowing that together with others, I can save God’s beautiful creatures from extinction, and protect the environment.

Don’t miss this chance

Another thing I feel strongly about is ending porn, and helping people who have become the victim of it. No one is safe from the affect internet porn is having on society and the world, so even giving a little has a far reaching impact. Porn destroys people’s ability to experience real love, so fighting porn is like saving the world.

For this “Giving Tuesday” maybe you’ll consider joining me in this fight for true love. High Noon is working to free people from the clutches of porn addiction, so they can pursue real love. To learn more and donate go to: Watch the video and see if it’s something you care about too.

“The purity of students is being destroyed. The internet’s influence is terrible. How can we remedy this situation? Mothers and fathers everywhere have to protect their children.” – SMM

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