Living Between Two Worlds

I recently stumbled across a curious book entitled “Between Two Worlds” by Tyler Henry. The sleeve had nothing to recommend it. The book jacket shows a very young-adult Tyler who looks like he belongs in a boy band. But synchronicity or something made me open it nonetheless. It didn’t help that someone sitting near me in the bookstore chimed in with unsolicited advice, “Oh, he’s a medium. He has a reality TV show and provides messages to Hollywood stars from the other side.” That was not the resounding endorsement I was looking for!

Regardless, I was soon engrossed in the book, turning page after page.  Tyler’s account of being a medium between the earthly world and the spirit world resonated for me because it’s not a new idea, but his descriptions added value to my understanding.

Our Unique Role as Mediators

The Divine Principle describes human beings as playing a unique role in the cosmos as the mediators between the physical world and the “invisible, substantial world”, AKA the spirit world.  It describes how our five physical senses allow us to perceive and interact with the physical world, while our five correlated spiritual senses allow us to sense and relate to the spiritual world. Living in both worlds at the same time allows us to connect these two realities. However, for most if us, the spiritual senses are not well developed, and so we have a lop-sided view of life.

I know a lot of people who don’t believe in a spiritual world, life after death, or God. For these people, stories like Tyler’s “Between Two Worlds”, seem ludicrous and uninteresting. I must admit, I was surprised to be drawn in by a Hollywood tell-all tale of the other side. However, between the pages I found a great deal of wisdom and lots to think about.

Why do the dead want to give us messages?

Tyler Henry first found his clairvoyant abilities as a teenager when he had a premonition of his grandmother’s death. It’s a very real story. He didn’t suddenly start seeing spirits or receiving messages but had to slowly learn about his abilities. Not being overly confident, he even kept his emerging spiritual gifts a secret from friends and family. He felt somewhat embarrassed and wondered who would believe him anyway if he shared his experiences.

In his ten plus year journey, Tyler has discovered a great deal. When asked why departed loved ones want to give messages to those still living, he has a very reasonable explanation. He writes, “The death process acts as a rebirth, and the growth, change and perspective we acquire in transitioning are the natural results of expanding consciousness.” Tyler talks a lot about the perspective you gain in transitioning to the spiritual world and how that makes some people urgent to share their knowledge with those they left behind.

After-Life Reflections

You have probably heard of the notion that upon death, you experience a review of your life. It doesn’t sound too appealing! Tyler described the experience this way:

Upon transitioning, each and every one of us will acquire an experiential understanding of the impact our, actions and inaction, had on others. When I explain life-time reviews, I don’t want to give the impression it’s a one-time screening of a movie reel of flashbacks. Rather, it’s a gradual, organic, interlacing of growth, perspective, and understanding of universal interconnection. We go from a perspective of an individual human to a perspective of infinite existence – and our part in it.”

Through a myriad of stories and examples he shows what it looks like when people finally let go. Fear, shame, and ego get in the way of acknowledging our shortcomings and being accountable. Tyler’s communications from the other side to people living on earth shows what can happen through rebirth in the spiritual world. Tyler concludes:

I have come to realize the perspective death provides, that it gives those on the other side a whole new understanding of their lives. Considering they are still bonded to their loved ones, they often feel it’s important to share these after-death epiphanies with the living.”

Is the spiritual side real?

People often wonder if so-called mediums are real. It’s a good question as there are plenty of charlatans out there. Tyler gives some good advice. If you go for a reading, give as little information as possible and only answer yes or no to messages.

Some people have a natural gift to hear messages, see images, or to sense emotions in others, but anyone can develop these abilities. We all have five spiritual senses. Developing your spiritual senses starts with getting yourself out of the way! You can try meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to step aside from thoughts and emotions so that new energy can come in. Learning to develop your ability as a medium is also enhanced by learning to listen to your gut, and pay attention to what you are experiencing. There’s a lot written about developing such abilities.

Living Experiences of Past Emotions

One question I had when I began exploring the idea that we can sometimes connect to the emotions or thoughts of people in the spiritual world, is how do you tell which emotions belong to you and which belong to the departed? That’s a good question – we all sometimes experience sudden emotions and wonder where they come from. I began to meditate on this question. In time, I had an experience that seemed to give me the answer.

I was sitting in an auditorium, waiting for a powerful motivational speaker to give a presentation. People around me were chatting to each other. The room was abuzz. All of a sudden, I started to feel depressed and sad. I felt confused as I had nothing to feel sad about in particular, but the emotion deepened. It was so weird.

As the minutes eked by in slow motion, I began to sense someone behind me. I turned and saw a woman in gray clothes. Everything about her was gray. Her skin appeared gray; her hair was gray, and she emanated this dark depression. I realized she was a spirit and I was feeling her emotion.

At that moment, the speaker came out on stage. By contrast, he was emanating light, and the woman in gray couldn’t bear to be in his presence and slowly retreated. As she floated toward the back of the room, the feeling of depression slowly lifted from me and I felt normal again. This experience awakened me to how sensitive we are to our environment (both in the spiritual world and physical world.)

I also wonder whether buildings hold emotions. I think so. One day, I walked into a Victorian era mansion in Manchester, NH. Now owned by the Red Cross, it was once the home of a wealthy mill owner. As I waited for my appointment, I was overcome with sadness and a feeling of how meaningless life is.

Again, I was surprised by the intensity of the emotion and asked, “Where is this coming from?” I saw an image of the lady of the house and thought about her life. Perhaps her life of luxury, while comfortable, seemed without purpose. It was interesting. I was very aware that this was not my emotion. Perhaps, you too have experiences of the invisible but very substantial spiritual world.

Between Two Worlds: Lessons From the Other Side” is an easy read that is guaranteed to get you thinking. He draws hopeful conclusions: the departed want us to know that we are not alone. They want to help us successfully navigate our lives and reassure us about death in general. He ends with a Q and A. When asked if he believes in God he replied,

I made a shift from the belief in a religious God (he had strong Presbyterian roots) to a spiritual God.”

His experiences caused him to reject the idea of a judgmental God who doles out heaven or hell. He went on to say,

“I now view God as a force that we are all not just the result of – we are also a part of.

Now that is something I can relate to!

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2 Responses to “Living Between Two Worlds”

  1. Fairbrother
    November 4, 2017 at 11:42 am #

    I still remember Noah or Bethie’s diagrams of the SW and PW, with man bridging both.

  2. November 19, 2017 at 2:46 pm #

    Hello Heather,
    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing. I am interested and willing to share this information with the congregation. If you do have the plan for a seminar regarding this topic, let me know.

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