Practicing Faith

Faith is more…

than just believing in something unseen or unknown,

it is also more than believing in God or a religion, it is:songs3

  • the part of ourselves that believes in the inherent goodness of life
  • it is what allows us to have ideals, goals and dreams to fulfill
  • faith requires a deeper understanding of who we are, what motivates us, and how to fulfill our ideals

Every moment we are living in faith that we will take our next breath and that we will be capable of going about our daily routines. Faith is a natural part of life; we are born infused with faith. However, the world we live in is often confusing and painful so our experiences don’t always reinforce our faith. We search for answers and seek happiness but we hear mixed messages and find that happiness is fleeting.

Practicing faith is a path of spiritual growth.

Through understanding some fundamental principles of growth and development we can learn to guide the development of our own internal life. We can learn to use every experience, good or bad, as a process for developing a heart of true love. Through spiritual growth we can fulfill our purpose in life and experience lasting happiness.

5 Practices that can strengthen your faith:

  • Inspire a love for God through celebrating on Sunday
  • Empower your life through educational programs at Faith Fusion
  • Connect with friends of faith in a small group or social activity
  • Contribute your talents to make a difference in someone’s life
  • Inherit God’s love and wisdom to live a blessed life

What’s Your God Language?

Have you read the books about 5 love languages? We each have preferred ways through which we are able to Webpost-goat & manexperience and communicate love. Knowing your love language is an important part of knowing yourself and creating lasting relationships. Did you know that you also have a God Language? It is your preferred way to experience God and your own divinity.

You may be a naturalist, an intellectual, an activist or a people person. According to the book “What’s Your God Language” by Dr. Myra Perrine, there are 9 spiritual temperaments or personality types. Here at Faith Fusion we hope you will explore what inspires you, what causes you to feel God in your life and to feel empowered. Our community seeks to be a supportive place where each person can feel free to develop their own unique relationship with the divine. Contact us at to find out about our next seminar and discover your God language.



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