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What to Expect

Waterville Valley 2010 003We are people from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as people from no religious background at all. As a first timer you’ll be struck by the diversity of faces you’ll see and the intercultural families you’ll meet. You’ll feel comfortable here because we are not about labels; we’re about creating a life with God and others that simply reflects our values.

…..but the best way to learn about our community is to meet our members and get to know us.

Our church services, small groups and other events are casual and comfortable. Our community is about learning and growing in God’s love together. We are a small community locally, but we are connected to numerous  international communities of like minded people.

Happy, Friendly People: 

  • You can expect to make new friends and discover new ideas.
  • We hope you will feel inspired, enriched and supported in your life of faith.
  • We gather on Sundays for a church service to learn together and deepen our faith.
  • Your creative ideas and participation are always welcome

A Journey of Love

We are a faith community with a message to share. Our message has touched the lives of people around the world. We invite you to discover the difference it can make for you.