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You Are Made of Love: Two Years as “Nothando”

I have always been a firm believer in the idea that God guides our footsteps, and that it is not by our effort alone that we come upon the opportunities that we do. As we trudge along this uncertain path of life, it can be easy to dismiss the significance of the proverbial signs that […]

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Reflections on Culture from Swaziland

Living in a different culture provides an opportunity to see life from a different perspective. The following are excerpts from Hyomi’s Tumblr blog as she continues her service in the Peace Corps. Her training period is finished and she begins to settle in to her permanent host residence during weeks 10 through 11 last fall. […]

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Hyomi’s Adventures in Swaziland – part 4

During weeks 5 & 6 (July & Aug. 2013) of Hyomi’s initial Peace Corps training in Swaziland she learns about local religion and spirituality and how it influences the culture. She also pays a visit to the village where she will be permanently assigned, and meets the new host family. Below are a few excerpts […]

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Hyomi’s Adventures in the Peace Corps part 3

Training, Learning & Living In this part of Hyomi’s Adventures we are going to give you snippets of 2 posts. The first one is a week after she has moved in with her first host family, where she stays while completing her training. This is a time of dealing with culture shock, learning how to […]

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Hyomi’s Adventures in the Peace Corps 2

The eagle has landed This is the second post in the series Hyomi’s (Peace Corps) Adventures in Swaziland. You can read the first post here. June 26th-27th, 2013: As I sit at the boarding gate for South African Air, surrounded by the 33 people with whom I will be volunteering over the next two years, […]

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Hyomi’s Adventures in the Peace Corps

And the peace adventure begins… This is a new series highlighting the adventures of Hyomi Carty, one of our Faith Fusion community members, as she serves in the Peace Corps in Swaziland, Africa. One year ago today her adventure began, and we are celebrating this anniversary by sharing part of her first Tumbler blog post. […]

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