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Sacred Space All Around Us

Desiring Faith Relationships One of the hardest parts of living abroad has been being removed from my support system, my relationships, and my usual sacred connections with other people. Recently, I’ve been really missing the sense of communal worship and family that going to church regularly provides. As my last blog post described, I’m a […]

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Jaz and friends in Vietnam

Sacred Space with Vietnamese Friends

Sacred Space is in Us Temples, pagodas, churches oh my! I have been in Hanoi for two weeks now, and in those two weeks I have been to three different Buddhist pagodas and one Cathedral. These excursions have been wonderful learning experiences about religion in Vietnam, but have also opened the doors to talking about faith […]

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Cao Dai Heaven

Sacred Spaces Abroad Part Two I’ve been in Vietnam for about a week, and the journey is just beginning! My first days have been filled with frustrated attempts to learn the language, delicious fruit smoothies, and many new friends! The huge city of Saigon is like New York City meets Mexico meets Paris meets Japan. […]

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Exploring Sacred Spaces – New Series

We Need Sacred Spaces as much as We Need the Gym There are just a few things I would like to suggest airports around the world offer in addition to the food and duty free shopping. First of all, I would like a gym. How much happier would passengers be if they could release endorphins […]

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Interfaith Work at College

Interfaith Youth Core 2013, NYU Within the first twenty minutes of arriving at the Kimmel Center at NYU I was standing in a large circle of people of all different faiths and ethnicities, listening to the people talk about fighting poverty, growing up bullied for their faith, and their favorite movies. Welcome to the Interfaith Leadership […]

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