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More Than Marriage: Love as God Intended

A small but powerful book about the meaning and value of love between a man and a woman. It explains in plain language the intention of creating love as God intended through the blessing of marriage. By understanding the nature of God’s love, we can unfold our own true potential in loving relationships. We can […]

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Freedom From What Holds Us Back

Who doesn’t struggle? It’s part of life to have obstacles to overcome and to be faced with challenges. That may contribute to what makes life interesting and exciting; after all, what would a book be without it’s conflict? However, sometimes it seems like we go around in circles without finding solutions. Sometimes we get stuck […]

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the principle movie

What if Copernicus was Wrong?

The Principle Movie – Review How well do you remember the history of science? This movie will take you back in time in a quick and humorous review of scientific theory leading to today’s common assumptions. Copernicus is the astronomer responsible for establishing the theory of heliocentrism in 1543. His theory is known as the Copernican […]

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Finding the Love of Your Life in a Documentary

Love; a small word but a very big topic. When our lives are overflowing with love we feel happy and fulfilled, but there is nothing worse than feeling unloved or disappointed in a relationship. We think we know what love is, but do we really? I recently watched 2 movies that touched my heart and reminded me […]

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Finding Your Own Shoes to Walk In

Finally, an enjoyable comedy. Why did this movie get such a bad rap from the critics? My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by this fun movie. It held our interest, was entertaining and it had a good message. The theme: “Sometimes walking in another man’s shoes is the only way to discover who you […]

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Throwback Thursday – A Book for the Season

I am an avid user of Book Bub, and as I perused my selections a few days ago I noticed a book I read and reviewed last December. This book was so good, and so meaningful for the season that I decided to post my review again for Throwback Thursday. I know it was only […]

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Spiritual Rebirth – Experiencing God Within

Prologue – The God Experience, by Perry Smith The human being is an amazing creature. Just look around you. The wonders of architecture, engineering and construction surround us. Science, technology and medicine have given us knowledge, health and a better quality of living. Humor brings us laughter and relief. Art, music, film and literature has brought […]

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The God Experience

Book Review Recently I was contacted by an author who resides in New Hampshire and is trying to promote his book. I was very curious so I immediately downloaded the book to my Kindle and began reading. The book moved me to tears and I arranged a meeting with the author, Perry Smith. Perry and […]

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A movie by Walt Disney Pictures, starring George Clooney, Hugh Laurie, Britt Robertson, and Raffey Cassidy “In order to save our world from danger, a curious teenage girl with a high interest in science, and a former genius inventor embark on an adventure packed journey filled with evil machines, robots and, a technology paradise known […]

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17 Miracles – A film by T. C. Christensen

Released in 2011 by Excel Entertainment Group. Now available on Netflix. I was moved to tears by the courage, determination, and faith of the Mormon pioneers depicted in this movie. The story is based on the real life experiences of members of 2 handcart companies traveling by rail and then on foot with carts, from the Eastern […]

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