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How Language Influences our Life and Character

Often, we live our life without noticing that one of the key factors that influences our lives is the language that we speak on a day to day basis. Language does not only affect the verbal ability to communicate but also the thought-process itself. Language has an impact in our life of faith, in the […]

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How Big is Your Dream?

“In front of a mirror, you must ask yourself, ‘What dreams have I carried out so far?’ Your dream shouldn’t just be a dream for yourself but first be a dream for Heaven and all humankind. The Kingdom of God begins in your mind. What kind of mind? A mind that seeks to bring blessing […]

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Chinese Character Explains Family Ethics

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 7 In the last article, we’d examined an ordered structure which underlies everything in the created world. As the two diagrams we’d presented illustrate, there is a “vertical” relationship between satellite heavenly bodies and their parent bodies; and there is a “horizontal” relationship […]

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How To Be A Horrible Listener and Get Nothing Done

It’s funny how people won’t shut up sometimes… and by people, I mean me. So I’m sitting down in front of my team telling them about the next great idea I had. It was a fool proof strategy–I would talk and they would listen, be inspired, and get the job done. They sat there across […]

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Developing a Heart of Unconditional Love

On the 2nd and 4th Sunday’s of the month we meet in Nashua, NH for a small study group. We decided to call this group “The Unconditional Love Club” because we are all striving to develop a heart of unconditional love. To be able to love as God loves we have to rise above the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Life is amazing and that’s why we can be thankful. Even though there are plenty of problems to grouse about, every problem can be turned into an opportunity to learn and grow. Every struggle, frustration and obstacle can be used for character building. It’s all in the way that you look at things. That may […]

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Divine Nature – Heart, Logos and Creativity

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective: The Purpose of Creation In previous articles, I focused on different phrases that explain the First Great Blessing in the Divine Principle. They’re important because these blessings are our keys to lead a fulfilling life. So we’d looked at the significance of our unique individuality: The key […]

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The Purpose of Creation and the Heart of God

In the previous article, we’d examined the very first sentence about the First Great Blessing in the Divine Principle: The key to God’s first blessing is the perfection of individual character.… • Exposition of the Divine Principle, p. 38 This time, we’ll move down a few sentences in the same paragraph: …In order for an […]

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Mama Betty

The Politics of a Mother’s Heart

Pausing on a hill during an early morning walk in the Summer of 2000, I gazed at a horizon of green rolling hills and long stretches of fertile fields. The timelessness of the beauty, enhanced by the sounds of nature’s ever-active song was a comfort to my spirit. It was this quiet walk that served […]

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God’s Heart in the Divine Principle

In the previous article, we’d touched on the Universal Prime Force. In the Exposition of the Divine Principle textbook, the topics that follow are the Three Objects Purpose and the Four Position Foundation, and then the section closes. The next major section addresses the Purpose of Creation. But for this article, I’d like to take […]

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