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Seeking the Ultimate Father Experience

Some call God “Father”, while many people ask the question: “Does it make a difference if I believe in God, or have a relationship with something I call God?” Regardless of where you are born or what culture you live in, the chances are, one day, you will ask this fundamental question. It gets to […]

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Father's Day

Father’s Day – A Holiday or Holy Day?

Father – The one who has the honor of offering the seed of new life; and hopefully he has the wisdom and love to guide that seed to its fruition. The value of a father cannot be overestimated. “When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both […]

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Raising Responsible Kids in an Irresponsible Culture

One of the most joyful parts of parenting is seeing your children develop healthy relationships while they learn to take responsibility for their own life. Trust, self confidence, the ability to discern right from wrong, as well as your child’s personality, all play a part in this ongoing process. As we strive to develop heart-centered relationships at […]

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family communication

Family Communication – Expressing Heart Even When You’re Stressed

The most important yet often neglected part of a relationship is communication. As a parent or partner you can easily get into the habit of giving directions and commands, expressing your expectations but not your heart. This can create friction and misunderstanding, even when you’re trying to make your point very clear and simple. Putting […]

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online threats to purity

Threats In The World We Live In

When I was growing up I would wake up every morning to graphic news reports of the war in Vietnam. In elementary school, during the Cuban missile crisis, we did practice drills of hiding under our desks in case of bomb attacks. I lived in south Florida, so the threat was close. Parents Want to […]

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social ethics from family

Social Ethics from the Second Blessing

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 10 In the last few articles, we’ve been looking at the virtues named in Unification Thought which help us understand ethical relationships in a family. This is the first part of the description of the Second Blessing: God’s second blessing was to be […]

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family begins with loving oneness

Family Ethics Begin With Loving Oneness

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective. The Second Blessing, part 9 In the last two articles, we’d been looking at the “vertical” expression of love — from the elders “downward” to their juniors, and also from the young ones “upward” to their elders. The main form of love downwards is benevolence and the […]

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Benevolence Evokes Loyalty and Love

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 8 In this series I’ve been writing about relationships, specifically family relationships; keeping in mind that the family is the root of all relationships. In the previous post I wrote about “vertical” order in the family, or the love of elders towards children, […]

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Unification Thought on Heavenly Order

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 6 Last time, I’d reflected on Unification Thought’s explanation of “order” within a family. And I’d discovered how important order was for me to relate more deeply with my extended family in the Philippines, particularly with my elders and juniors. I found a […]

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Honoring National Parent’s Day

This is an historic day, a national holiday of immense proportions. Those who celebrate this holiday today are creating the foundation for a future that recognises the value of parents, father’s and mother’s as a united team, in the formation of families. Although in the United States we already had a Mother’s Day and a Father’s […]

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