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original imprint

From Chaos to Cosmos

The second session in the Lasting Imprint series is derived from the Principle of Creation in the Divine Principle. The first session was an introduction to the concepts presented in the series. This next video delves deeper into the nature of the universe and purpose of existence. Original Imprint In the world around us we […]

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the principle movie

What if Copernicus was Wrong?

The Principle Movie – Review How well do you remember the history of science? This movie will take you back in time in a quick and humorous review of scientific theory leading to today’s common assumptions. Copernicus is the astronomer responsible for establishing the theory of heliocentrism in 1543. His theory is known as the Copernican […]

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How to Talk to an Atheist about God

Don’t use the word “God”, that’s a good place to start. From my experience most atheists have a lot of issues with that word and all the baggage it carries with it. As soon as you say that word it conjures up images resembling Gandalf of Lord of the Rings or Dumbledore of the Harry […]

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The Mind /Body Connection in Health and Wellness

Science has finally caught up with religion, but religion can still learn a lot from science. The following is a review of the documentary “The Connection” by Elemental Media. “Modern science has shown us that the mind has the power to heal. We should use that power.” – Dr. Herbert Benson Non-Contagious Diseases are Spreading […]

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The Purpose of Creation

In the previous article, we’d examined the fundamental structure by which everything in the universe can exist individually, interact with other things, and multiply as a result of that interaction — the structure that’s called the four position foundation. Then, on the basis of that understanding, the Divine Principle explains how the very purpose of […]

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The Four Position Foundation

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective In the previous article, we’d been looking into the three object purpose, and because it’s so closely tied with the idea of the four position foundation, we’d begun looking into that as well. So I’ll continue from that point. What is the Four Position Foundation? It’s mentioned […]

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Divine Principle from a Unification Thought Perspective

In the last article, I had explained that the Universal Prime Force is endowed to the universe by God and it allows the universe and everything and everyone in it to exist, to act, and to multiply. (To avoid confusion, I must mention that in Unification Thought, the translation from Korean is written as Universal Prime Force, […]

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Science and God – What do we really know?

Curious occurrence: I was searching our archives to see what we’ve published under the topic Science & God. Then I just happened to visit our Facebook page and saw that there was a message from Andy Shoultz. The message simply said: “How about this?” and there was a link: ‘Science shattered’: Hand of God suddenly revealed?. Thanks […]

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The Evolution of God

When evolution is outlawed, only outlaws will evolve. I don’t approve of the way the argument over evolution has evolved. Darwin thoroughly yanked the chain of collective Christianity regarding natural selection. And suddenly, by the standards of Christianity at that time, it became mandatory that an evolutionist also be an atheist. However, Darwin was also […]

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Atheist Guys and Spiritual Guys

An atheist friend says the existence of a spiritual realm is horse pucky. And he may be right, in a be careful what you wish for kind of way. My friend is both an atheist and a scientist, the poor bastard, and when he insists there is no God, he may be creating his own […]

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