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Was Jesus’ Crucifixion Inevitable?

Following the life of Jesus in the Bible we learn some astonishing things. He was a very controversial figure, saying and doing things that upset the religious leaders of that time. He was a rebel. If we read the Bible without any theological prejudice, a new story emerges. The Mission of the Messiah In this […]

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Take a Pathway to Adventure and Discovery 

Join the Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project Paraguay, July 3-19 – A project of UPF and the SNA-SDWP We are excited to announce that on July 3-19th the 2nd International Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place in the Pantanal region of Paraguay.  This project, designed for those 18-30 years old and […]

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Every Day is a New Beginning

What is the first thought in your mind when you wake up in the morning? What to wear, what to eat, or what’s on your ‘To Do’ list for the day? What is the first thing you feel each day? Happy, sad, frustrated, bored, anxious, excited, indifferent? Each day is a new opportunity to mold […]

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Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Project: Leda, Paraguay The 1st Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and South & North America Sustainable Development World Peace USA Corporation,  co sponsored a project: “Pathways to a Sustainable Future” . The project was held in Paraguay from July 6 through July 21, with 36 volunteers representing 11 nations.  The ambitious project was designed in the […]

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Honoring the Spirit of Native American Traditions

Earlier this week I was invited to a Native American fire circle. I really didn’t know what to expect but I said yes right away. As a matter of fact I didn’t even completely read the description my friend sent me, I trusted her, and the first four words sounded good to me: “To honor […]

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Understanding God’s Heart

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective In the previous article, we’d continued examining the First Great Blessing and were looking in particular at these excerpts from its sole paragraph: “…Such individuals…achieve complete oneness with Him…They experience the Heart of God as if it were their own. Hence, they understand His Will and live […]

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You Are Made of Love: Two Years as “Nothando”

I have always been a firm believer in the idea that God guides our footsteps, and that it is not by our effort alone that we come upon the opportunities that we do. As we trudge along this uncertain path of life, it can be easy to dismiss the significance of the proverbial signs that […]

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Create a Lasting Imprint with this DVD series

The Divine Principle has changed the lives of millions around the world. Questions about God, the purpose of life and the problems we see in the world are answered with depth and clarity. For the past 60 years the Divine Principle has been a catalyst for the creation of many organizations and projects intended to […]

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Including God in Everything We Do

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Grace. She approached me a couple months ago with an offer to teach Holy Yoga to our local Faith Fusion community. I’ve taken yoga classes before, but what she was offering was a little bit different. A yoga practice that is centered on prayer and scripture reading from the […]

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Life Changing Experience – Healing Body & Soul

My trip to the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) in December 2014 was a life-changing experience! Posted by John Parker on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 Encounter with the Power of God For 30 years I suffered from the ravages of Lyme disease, and other afflictions which had made my life miserable. After failed surgeries, […]

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