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Over 50 and Looking for Adventure?

The Leda Project is happy to announce it’s 2017 Eco-Service Project – July 13th through July 24th, in Leda and the Chaco Region of Paraguay. An adventure for the young at heart with an appreciation for nature and service. Hurry up and register as participation is limited to 15 people. Senior’s Only Eco-Tour This program offers a […]

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Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project in Paraguay

We are happy to announce that the 3rd Annual Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place in Paraguay on June 24 – July 11, 2017. This program offers unique opportunities to encounter life in the extraordinarily beautiful Pantanal wilderness as well as share and serve in an indigenous community. Summer of Service and […]

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Veteran's Day

Honoring All Who Served

We offer our deepest appreciation and gratitude on this day to all who served in the armed forces to protect our national interests. We respect their willingness to sacrifice and their bravery. We honor their patriotism. “Veterans Day is an official United States public holiday, observed annually on November 11, that honors military veterans; that […]

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Is Peace Really Possible?

The question of how to attain world peace is always with us, and has been the question since the beginning of time. Hikers recently found the body of a 5,000-year-old man preserved in ice in the mountains of Italy. Amazingly, scientists had the ability to investigate the details of his death. It was an untimely […]

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Sustainable Future Paraguay

Sustainable Future Through International Exchange

If you have not been following the Leda Project in South America, I highly recommend going to their blog pages and following along. Here are some highlights from July 13th, which was the 10th day of the International Youth Volunteer program. The mission of the Leda Settlement in Paraguay, South America is peace and sustainability. The […]

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Take a Pathway to Adventure and Discovery 

Join the Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project Paraguay, July 3-19 – A project of UPF and the SNA-SDWP We are excited to announce that on July 3-19th the 2nd International Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place in the Pantanal region of Paraguay.  This project, designed for those 18-30 years old and […]

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Celebrating God’s Day, 2016!

Today we celebrate God’s Day, or more recently named Heavenly Parent’s Day. I think one of the most important things Rev. Moon did in his lifetime was to establish a day when we celebrate God and God’s ideal. The world is full of all sorts of random holidays. This month alone there are more than […]

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Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Project: Leda, Paraguay The 1st Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and South & North America Sustainable Development World Peace USA Corporation,  co sponsored a project: “Pathways to a Sustainable Future” . The project was held in Paraguay from July 6 through July 21, with 36 volunteers representing 11 nations.  The ambitious project was designed in the […]

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Blessed are the Peacemakers

Peace has been a dream for humanity for thousands of years. Early writings speak of people’s desire for peace but it somehow seems to escape us no matter how hard we try. How can we theoretically want something so badly and still not accomplish it? It doesn’t make sense in this “dream it and achieve it” […]

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A personal experience with Malaria in Uganda

The story Malaria Bites takes place in Lira, Uganda and serves to complement the posts The Politics of a Mother’s Heart and Returning Home  Malaria Bites When I think back to my time in Uganda, it is mostly fine memories that come to mind. A smile draws across my face as I reflect on the […]

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