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Reset – Begin Again From Your Original Nature

This is the second part of a series; read part one here: Resetting Your Faith To “reset” is to restore something to its original design. To set something back to its original purpose, its original intent. We don’t have to be stuck While we might acknowledge this to be true in theory, our actions speak […]

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Now’s The Time For What?

What time is it? How often do you ask that question every day? Our lives are driven by time—time for work, school, practice, appointments, deadlines, bed . . . the list goes on and on. In fact, time is so important in our culture that most of us have multiple tech devices all linked by […]

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spring forth with joy

The River Comes From The Spring

You are a river of life and God is the everlasting spring. When drought comes and the water seems to evaporate leaving you hopeless, that is the time to believe in the source that can’t be seen. We can learn these lessons from many stories in the Old Testament. This week during our Sunday study […]

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Unity Is The Alpha and Omega

My message today is about the significance and value of UNITY, and what that means in our day to day life. Jesus said: “For where two or three have gathered together in my name, I am there in their midst.“ – Matt. 18-20 Have you ever wondered what exactly Jesus meant by this? We just assume that […]

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God’s Love Is Our Blessing of Marriage

Throughout history people have struggled to find the meaning of life and to understand why there is so much suffering in the world. Only one thing of great value has prevailed through time and seemingly endless tragedy – that one thing is love. But love is invisible, so for many it is elusive. However, the […]

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The Importance of Enthusiasm in a Life of Faith

Enthusiasm is an attractive trait. It draws people in and creates energy. Enthusiasm is connected with youth and for that reason, is sometimes seen as naïve or immature. But without enthusiasm nothing great happens. Children are naturally enthusiastic. That desire to run, to greet each day with hope, is what keeps us alive and energized. It’s […]

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The Process of Growth is How God Works

Today’s post is the second part of a 2 part series started last week. If you missed the first part you can read it by clicking HERE. Experiencing God’s Heart for Others – part 2 Isn’t it interesting that almost everything in the natural world grows? Except for rocks, sand and dirt, we can observe, measure […]

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value life

Experiencing God’s Heart for Others

This is part 1 of a 2 part series on Experiencing God’s Heart for Others. The second part will be published next Tuesday, 7/12/16. How do you connect to God’s heart? How do you tap into that source of unconditional love that is the creator and ruler of the universe? The cosmic heart. We talk […]

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Learning to Love Everyone is the Superhighway to God

When we think of God we tend to think of a someone or something far above us and somewhat removed from our day-to-day lives. But our Heavenly Parent never intended for our relationship to be like that. In the past, the way to become spiritual emphasized a lone course of sacrifice. Separating oneself from the […]

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Grace of God

The Unconditional Love Club Grows

When driving down to Nashua this past Sunday morning (a 30 minute trip) the Holy Spirit descended and gave me insight. I suddenly saw that everything exists within the amazing and bountiful grace of God, and that without this grace everything would cease to exist. In other words, grace is inherent in every atom and […]

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