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growing old

How Not to Grow Old

No-one wants to grow old. Sure, we long for wisdom, but none of the 20 or 30 somethings I work with ever say, “I wish I was 60 or 70!” Apart from physically ailing, I think the real threat of aging is the dread of becoming a kill-joy wrapped in misery! It’s not that growing […]

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purpose defiled by technology

My Purpose and the Technology Disconnect

This week’s post was contributed by Alonso Ahmetaj. When was the last time you woke up in the morning and the first thing you did – before you picked up your phone to scroll for new messages – was to be still and connect to your inner self? Do you reflect on your purpose regularly? I […]

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Missed Opportunities and Synchronicity

Missed opportunities happen more often than we might think because most of the time we aren’t aware enough to notice. When you do see a missed opportunity, it can be agonizing. The moment has passed, and it’s not slowing down or reversing its course for you. Sometimes we don’t realize the Universe uses us to […]

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Which Path Do You Choose?

Can you think of a time in life when you were actually given permission to NOT know the answer? In school when the teacher called on you, you were expected to give a clear answer. If you didn’t have an answer you were stigmatized; even made fun of by peers if your response differed from the […]

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The Unlimited Benefits of Limitations

We are born in a time and place for a purpose, but that purpose is multifaceted and limited at the same time. Contrary to pop-culture spirituality that wants us to believe that we have unlimited potential, it is better to recognize limitations for what they are: THEY ARE GOOD FOR YOU! Time and space naturally […]

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Become a Love Genius

LOVE – What more could you want? Okay, everyone also needs food, shelter, clothing, a meaningful way to earn a living, and so forth. But if you think those things through they all make their way back to love. When you were born your loving parents provided all those things for you, and as you […]

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Conflicted Souls Create a Conflicted World

Have you ever heard the saying, “thoughts become things”? This is a phrase coined by author and motivational speaker Mike Dooley. His work brings insight as to how our thought processes and feelings create the path we walk in life. If we don’t like the results we’re getting or the direction we’re going we simply […]

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Energise Your Summer With Superfood

Superfood is all the rage in health and wellness right now. What is superfood? A caped broccoli or a bat-eared banana? Not exactly. Almost any natural unrefined fruit, vegetable, nut or seed that is packed full of a variety of nutrients can be called a superfood; but some are more super than others. My point here […]

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Spring Fever Got You Down?

Spring is beautiful and love is in the air! Unfortunately there may also be a lot of other things in the air that are preventing you from enjoying this glorious season. Especially here in New Hampshire where Spring is long awaited and Summer follows quickly behind. Although we don’t rate in the top ten worst […]

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Go Green this Spring

Mind and body unity is the beginning point of a successful life. So just as important as getting a good education and learning to love others, is taking care of the body we live in. The body is programed to survive and sustain life even if we take it for granted, be we can’t experience […]

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