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What #MeToo Means for All of Us

The #MeToo campaign started with one woman, but the butterfly effect is at work. The result promises liberation for all women, and men too. Evil isn’t too strong a word for the unwanted sexual advances of predatory men, but this evil has been protected by a wall of silence and shame. When the behavior of […]

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Together and Apart We Love Each Other

What is this thing called love? It can’t be seen or understood clearly yet many say they feel it. Some say they give and receive love, as if it were a present in a box. Yet others say they choose to love, as if it were an action or activity. In the past century or […]

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online threats to purity

Threats In The World We Live In

When I was growing up I would wake up every morning to graphic news reports of the war in Vietnam. In elementary school, during the Cuban missile crisis, we did practice drills of hiding under our desks in case of bomb attacks. I lived in south Florida, so the threat was close. Parents Want to […]

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Stand for Love

Stand Up For True Love

Love is under attack! Love is being slandered, degraded, misused and abused. It’s time to rescue love from the clutches of the dark side! Maybe you have a good marriage, a happy family, and the moral character to know right from wrong – but look around – your children and the future are not safe. […]

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The Blessing of Love

The DP from a UT perspective featured photo, the painting“Rebirth” by Benny Andersson Last month, we’d explained the last sentences of the First Blessing in the Exposition of the Divine Principle (p. 34). That blessing was to “be fruitful” — the first of the three that were given to the primeval parents in the book […]

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Become a Love Genius

LOVE – What more could you want? Okay, everyone also needs food, shelter, clothing, a meaningful way to earn a living, and so forth. But if you think those things through they all make their way back to love. When you were born your loving parents provided all those things for you, and as you […]

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can't fall out of love

Never Falling Away from God

Hi, and Happy New Year 🙂 We’re continuing our look at the Divine Principle book through the lens of Unification Thought. Last winter I’d quoted these last few sentences from the explanation of the First Blessing in the Divine Principle: “…when people realize God’s first blessing, they become God’s beloved who inspire Him with joy.  […]

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Being a Temple of God

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective Picking up from the previous post: Beyond Restoration – Hope for the New World, I’d like to continue breaking down the First Great Blessing. The paragraph starts: “The key to God’s first blessing is the perfection of individual character. …to perfect his character, he must form a […]

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a kiss

Finding True Love in Virtues

Creating Love between Partners I found a list of “horizontal” virtues 40 years ago, when I was just out of college and had despaired of ever finding true romantic love. I couldn’t imagine finding a girl who’d be faithful to me for life. And in truth, I couldn’t imagine that I had it in me […]

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Puppy Love

Puppy love is more than just a test of your gag reflex. God invented it. This little blogito began on an Amtrak train stalled in Philadelphia Station. The polar vortex had downed some lines north of Trenton. A conductor strolled by and I heard his radio say “… squak… crackle… sixty to ninety minutes…”. “We’re […]

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