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Camp Aurora summer

Summer Camp Memories are the Best at Aurora!

I had a curious conversation a few years ago while visiting South Korea. I was talking to a mom and asked about what her kids did during summer vacation. I started expounding about my work with Camp Aurora and the fun the kids have at summer camp, only to realize my enthusiasm was being met […]

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Camp Aurora clean-up crew

All Hands On Deck for Camp Clean-Up Weekend

It’s fitting that our summer camp clean-up at Geneva Point Center, in preparation for Camp Aurora, falls on this holiday weekend. Memorial Day is synonymous with service; service above self. Service Above Self President Ronald Reagan is credited with reviving the practice of honoring Memorial Day and its meaning. He shared about the importance of […]

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Why is it a Beautiful Day?

Blue skies and sunshine with a few passing fluffy white clouds and a mild breeze. The temperature is comfortable, neither hot or cold – just right for jeans and a T-shirt. You enjoy a little walk with your dog and a smiling stranger proclaims as he walks by, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” No doubt, you […]

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Over 50 and Looking for Adventure?

The Leda Project is happy to announce it’s 2017 Eco-Service Project – July 13th through July 24th, in Leda and the Chaco Region of Paraguay. An adventure for the young at heart with an appreciation for nature and service. Hurry up and register as participation is limited to 15 people. Senior’s Only Eco-Tour This program offers a […]

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Camp Cleanup and Family Day

This past weekend many young Unificationists gathered at Geneva Point Center for our annual Camp Cleanup. By helping Geneva Point Center with Spring cleaning and preparing for the opening of their camp season, we are able to reduce the cost of holding Camp Aurora there. Our camper fees would be significantly higher if we didn’t do […]

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Camp Aurora 2015

Inside & Outside Summer Adventures 2016

From New Hampshire to Alaska to South America, there are plenty of opportunities this summer to see the world and get in touch with your own heart. What kindles your fire and motivates your life? Don’t miss these opportunities to explore the world around you while discovering something deeper. Click on the titles below to learn […]

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Every Day is a Good Day to Celebrate Motherhood

At Faith Fusion this past Sunday we met for our bi-monthly study group in Nashua, NH*. Our topic of study for the past two months has been Real Love in Parenting, by Greg Baer. This seemed an especially fitting subject as we celebrated Mother’s Day. Our meeting began with each participant sharing a short testimony about […]

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Stories Drive Our Lives – What’s Yours?

Stories, whether fictional or real awaken us to things we never knew. They can be memorable, never to be forgotten moments that drive our lives in new directions. This perhaps explains my fascination with autobiographies. Hannah Arendt in the Human Condition writes, “Who somebody is or was we can only know by knowing the story […]

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Good Friday from the book of Luke

A man who had done no wrong except stir up the people with his teachings, was brought before the authorities of the day. He was falsely accused and found innocent, yet marked for execution by mob rule. And he forgave them all unconditionally because he came to love as God loves, he came to show […]

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Celebrating God’s Day, 2016!

Today we celebrate God’s Day, or more recently named Heavenly Parent’s Day. I think one of the most important things Rev. Moon did in his lifetime was to establish a day when we celebrate God and God’s ideal. The world is full of all sorts of random holidays. This month alone there are more than […]

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