indexA successful lifestyle begins with an attitude of valuing ourselves, others, and the world we live in. For this reason we strive to care for ourselves, and our families, by making healthy choices and avoiding destructive behaviors.

Living for the Sake of Others

“Living for the sake of others” is our motto because it expresses an understanding that everything we do has an effect on others. If we live in a destructive manner it creates pain and places a burden on others.

If we live in a constructive manner, our lifestyle becomes an expression of love for others, and respect for the value of our own life.

It’s Your Life – Create A Good One!

At Faith Fusion we believe that each person is a co-creator of their own life. Although you did not have control over the circumstances of your birth, you have a purpose that calls from within your own heart, and you make the decisions that take your life on a path to fulfill your hopes and dreams. Join our programs or follow our blog to find out more about how you can create the life you desire.

Together with God and other like-minded people we can create a joyful life of value, and contribute to the progress of creating a world of peace and prosperity for all people.

Learning to live a lifestyle of love at Camp Aurora

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