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Lasting Imprint is a series of presentations introducing the Divine Principle. People are deeply inspired and motivated by these presentations. Each topic builds on the one preceding it creating a clear picture of the human condition and our ability to create change. Do you want to make the world a better place? Start with this series.

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Designed for independent and group study, the series contains thirteen twenty-five minute sessions, and a study guide with questions and further reading. The study guide is in PDF format on the DVD and can be viewed or printed from your computer.

Lasting Imprint DVD series 

Sessions 1 through 5 discuss the original human design, the nature of God, human beings and the universe. Sessions 6 and 7 discuss the cause of crime or human deviation, and sessions 8 through 10 discuss the way in which God and human beings partner to resolve the suffering of humanity. Sessions 11 through 13 present a method by which we can see the pattern and direction of God’s work through history.

The Lasting Imprint series is presented by Phillip Schanker and was recorded at a seminar/workshop in Manchester, NH. The Divine Principle is a revelatory teaching that was received by Rev. Sun Myung Moon. It has been shared throughout the world through books, speeches and presentations.

Watch this 7 minute demo: Excerpts from the first session – Introduction.

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Lasting Imprint
Lasting Imprint
Lasting Imprint is a series offered as an introduction to the content of the Divine Principle, the teachings of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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