Our Values

Take a wlk with themulticultural familyWe Value Your Unique Divinity

Every person has value because every person is a child of God. We are each unique beings because we reflect the nature of God, who is unique. Through understanding the Divine and ourselves better we are able to contribute to a peaceful and loving world. Faith Fusion seeks to empower individuals to build loving relationships so that we can realize our true potential and move beyond the barriers that limit us.

We value life

It is our opportunity to learn wonderful things, to love and be loved, and to experience the heart of God. It’s our chance to create something valuable and to become the best that we can be.

We value love, truth, goodness and beauty

Although some people would argue that love, truth, goodness and beauty are relative to each individual; there is also a realm of the human conscience that seeks an absolute source. The origin of love, truth, goodness and beauty is the heart of God. God’s heart is our unchanging standard of value.

We value the sages and sacred texts

Throughout human history there have been people gifted with wisdom, whose teachings we can gain insight from. We recognize that all the major faith traditions are expressions of God’s work in the world and hold important truths.

We value the process

Life is a process of internal growth, becoming our true selves, and creating something of value that continues even after we die. The process is often difficult and takes a lot of hard work, but our investment in that process is what creates the result. There are no short cuts or “get rich quick schemes” to a good life; we have to invest ourselves wholeheartedly in the process of creating our ideals. Through gratitude for the process of learning and growth we can experience happiness regardless of the difficulties that may come.

We value people

Everyone has their own story, their experiences and lessons. Every person has their hopes and dreams and a heart that longs to live in love with others. Life is designed to be lived in relationship, therefore we seek to honor the value inherent within each person.

We value unity

Because unity is the beginning point of love. A person whose mind and body are united with a higher purpose can fulfill their ideals. Two people united in heart can create a life of fulfilled dreams. Despite our differences, if we learn to harmonize and unite with others based on shared ideals, we can create a world of peace and prosperity for all.

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