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social ethics from family

Social Ethics from the Second Blessing

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 10 In the last few articles, we’ve been looking at the virtues named in Unification Thought which help us understand ethical relationships in a family. This is the first part of the description of the Second Blessing: God’s second blessing was to be […]

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Honoring National Parent’s Day

This is an historic day, a national holiday of immense proportions. Those who celebrate this holiday today are creating the foundation for a future that recognises the value of parents, father’s and mother’s as a united team, in the formation of families. Although in the United States we already had a Mother’s Day and a Father’s […]

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Two Hearts Blessed in Holy Marriage

Nothing captures our hearts like new love. This past weekend, Faith Fusion celebrated the Holy Marriage Blessing. To open the ceremony, Pastor Heather offered a special message to the Bride and Groom to remind them of the meaning of the commitment they were making. “Marriage can be said to be a ceremony which allows you […]

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Every Day is a Good Day to Celebrate Motherhood

At Faith Fusion this past Sunday we met for our bi-monthly study group in Nashua, NH*. Our topic of study for the past two months has been Real Love in Parenting, by Greg Baer. This seemed an especially fitting subject as we celebrated Mother’s Day. Our meeting began with each participant sharing a short testimony about […]

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Stories Drive Our Lives – What’s Yours?

Stories, whether fictional or real awaken us to things we never knew. They can be memorable, never to be forgotten moments that drive our lives in new directions. This perhaps explains my fascination with autobiographies. Hannah Arendt in the Human Condition writes, “Who somebody is or was we can only know by knowing the story […]

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Fun Friday with the Blakely Family

A Month of Fun for Connor and Family Family and friends gathered on March 12th to celebrate Connor’s 11th birthday with a pizza party. Little did he know that his mother had planned a much bigger surprise. Connor’s big wish was to meet Max, the mascot of the Manchester Monarchs Hockey team, because apparently they […]

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Take a Pathway to Adventure and Discovery 

Join the Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project Paraguay, July 3-19 – A project of UPF and the SNA-SDWP We are excited to announce that on July 3-19th the 2nd International Pathways to a Sustainable Future Project will take place in the Pantanal region of Paraguay.  This project, designed for those 18-30 years old and […]

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Camp Aurora

March Fun Friday – Camp Aurora Flashback

To celebrate Fun Friday today I decided to go back 10 years to remind everyone of what’s coming up in a few short months. You guessed it, Summer Camp! Not just any camp, but these photos were taken at Camp Aurora, a summer camp that’s been run by the Unification Faith community in NH for […]

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Make a Joyful Noise!

Today is Fun Friday! Once a month we like to highlight the joyful noises our members, friends and families are making. There is plenty of other noise in the world around us, especially right now with all the political campaigning going on.  So our joy in God’s love needs to be a bit louder to […]

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Culture and Art Move the World

“People often think that politics moves the world, but that is not the case. It is culture and art that move the world. It is emotion, not reason that strikes people in the innermost part of their hearts. When hearts change and are able to receive new things, ideologies and social regimes change as a […]

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