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Your Miraculous Body

Recently I’ve been reading a book called “Food Rx”, by Haylie Pomroy. Although it’s focus is the science of the body and nutrition, reading this book has been quite a spiritual experience. And why shouldn’t it be, since the body is the temple of God, right? “Do you not know that you’re the temple of […]

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Cookie Monster Revenge

Everyone is on some kind of diet these days. If it’s not to lose weight then it’s probably due to some type of food allergy or sensitivity, or maybe just to feel a little healthier. Everyone wants better health and more energy. But sometimes all these food restrictions can get to you, it’s no fun. […]

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Energise Your Summer With Superfood

Superfood is all the rage in health and wellness right now. What is superfood? A caped broccoli or a bat-eared banana? Not exactly. Almost any natural unrefined fruit, vegetable, nut or seed that is packed full of a variety of nutrients can be called a superfood; but some are more super than others. My point here […]

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Warmth for Cold Winter Nights

It’s been cold and rainy all week, but at least it hasn’t been snowing. The holidays are busy, and can be hectic or even stressful at times. I was overjoyed on Christmas Eve when my son decided to make dinner for everyone, sharing a new recipe he had found: Mexican Lentil Stew. It was divine […]

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How to Shop Healthy

One question that I often get asked is, “How do I shop for healthy food?” I’ve gone through a lot of different phases in shopping for food, and my own take on this has evolved a lot over the years. I get that it can be very confusing for people who are trying to eat […]

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