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family communication

Family Communication – Expressing Heart Even When You’re Stressed

The most important yet often neglected part of a relationship is communication. As a parent or partner you can easily get into the habit of giving directions and commands, expressing your expectations but not your heart. This can create friction and misunderstanding, even when you’re trying to make your point very clear and simple. Putting […]

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Scripture Leads Us Into Relationship With God and Each Other

We can gain many insights from the Bible and other sacred texts. The Bible and Divine Principle are books that describe the totality of all relationships: our relationship with God, God’s relationship with us, our relationship with each other. They also contain discussion of what relationships are like in an ideal sense, why relationships don’t […]

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Raise Your Standard

Raising Your Standard To Fulfill Your Potential

It’s that time of year when New Year’s resolutions are faltering and we wonder why we even tried! I found a sliver of hope in a Tony Robbins video. He gave me permission to let go of my goals without giving up. That got my interest! Tony made a good point: Resolutions, or goals, usually […]

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More Than Marriage: Love as God Intended

A small but powerful book about the meaning and value of love between a man and a woman. It explains in plain language the intention of creating love as God intended through the blessing of marriage. By understanding the nature of God’s love, we can unfold our own true potential in loving relationships. We can […]

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Live Your Truth in 2017

As we stand on the cusp of 2017, I imagine everyone would like to know what will happen in the coming year. What kind of President will Trump make? What will happen to Syria? What impact will global warming have? Or, on a more personal level, what will happen in my life? Will I be […]

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Reset – Begin Again From Your Original Nature

This is the second part of a series; read part one here: Resetting Your Faith To “reset” is to restore something to its original design. To set something back to its original purpose, its original intent. We don’t have to be stuck While we might acknowledge this to be true in theory, our actions speak […]

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family begins with loving oneness

Family Ethics Begin With Loving Oneness

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective. The Second Blessing, part 9 In the last two articles, we’d been looking at the “vertical” expression of love — from the elders “downward” to their juniors, and also from the young ones “upward” to their elders. The main form of love downwards is benevolence and the […]

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Shifting to God’s Perspective

Imagine wearing red sunglasses. If you wore red sunglasses for a week, what color would the world appear? Red? What if you wore them for a few years? What color would the world appear? It would appear normal. In fact, the world would stop appearing to be red. It would just be the world. That […]

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Want a Happier Life? Ask Better Questions

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” -Albert Einstein Questions are everything. They determine what you focus […]

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Honoring National Parent’s Day

This is an historic day, a national holiday of immense proportions. Those who celebrate this holiday today are creating the foundation for a future that recognises the value of parents, father’s and mother’s as a united team, in the formation of families. Although in the United States we already had a Mother’s Day and a Father’s […]

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