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Happy Valentine"s Day

St. Valentine’s Hope for Love

This week, everyone’s thoughts turn to love. Whether it be a ten year old trading Sweethearts candy, a serious suitor, or a married couple reminding each other that love still burns brightly, we are all drawn to Valentine’s Day. Lasting Love But romantics aside, what can assure us of lasting love? After all, no-one wants […]

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Peace Club soccer

Peace Club Creating Champions for Peace in the Middle East

⚽ In less than 15 days ⚽ Beginning February 21st, fourteen coaches will gather in Aqaba, Jordan for 5 days to immerse themselves in Peace Club’s Champions in Life educational program. It is a “train the trainer” workshop. These are carefully selected football coaches from 14 of the 22 Arab countries, representing Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, […]

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Follow Your Star to a Greater Love

Christian or not, we are all familiar with the Biblical story of the birth of Jesus. One of the most well-known Christmas stories is the journey of the three Kings. These three Wise Men came to offer gifts to the baby Jesus. The Magi, as they were known, were astrologers who combed the night skies […]

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Closer to God

Grow Closer to God this Holiday Season

I love the song “O, Holy Night.” Its lyrics are so reflective. The line “Until He appeared, and the soul felt it’s worth” jump out at me.  It’s easy with all the chaos that the trimmings of Christmas bring, to forget what the Holiday means. The birth of Christ is a big deal because his […]

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You Get Back What You Give

Today is “Giving Tuesday” and everyone is fundraising! It’s a day that makes some people feel uncomfortable, and inspires others to be generous. Kind of like the Salvation Army Santa’s standing in front of every store. I feel a little guilty if I don’t toss some change in the bucket, but sometimes I literally don’t […]

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The Secret Sauce for a Happy Thanksgiving

As the holidays draw near there is much excitement, but also a little dread. Who knows what family members will say and do! We are all familiar with Rockwell’s iconic painting of Thanksgiving. It looks so inviting. It’s the image we hold in our heads of a good Thanksgiving. But then the relatives show up […]

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Going Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Some people might ask, “Why would I want to go beyond my comfort zone?” Isn’t comfort the destination? Or at least it makes the journey better. Isn’t comfort part of happiness, and isn’t happiness the purpose of life? It seems that we have a natural desire to seek comfort. No one wants to make themselves […]

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Diwali 2017 MA

Happy Diwali for New and Old Friends

Last week I was invited to celebrate Diwali with a friend. I’ve always had an interest in Indian culture and traditions so this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year, usually somewhere between mid-October to mid-November. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, it signifies the victory […]

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time and space

Time and Space Have No Limit on Your Heart

When you’re “over the hill”, your kids have moved out, and you’re facing the latter years of life, time and space start to look a little different. You no longer need as much space, but you wish you had more time. Not only that, older people tend to get lost in reflection, there’s a lot […]

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high noon sun

How to Live at High Noon

No-one can deny we are living in strange times! It’s natural to ask, “What’s going on?” “Is this real?” Having been born during a time of unprecedented peace, it’s disturbing to look at what can only be considered a swift ride into darkness. It’s kind of scary. They say it’s darkest before the dawn, so […]

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