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Two Hearts Blessed in Holy Marriage

Nothing captures our hearts like new love. This past weekend, Faith Fusion celebrated the Holy Marriage Blessing. To open the ceremony, Pastor Heather offered a special message to the Bride and Groom to remind them of the meaning of the commitment they were making. “Marriage can be said to be a ceremony which allows you […]

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Camp Cleanup and Family Day

This past weekend many young Unificationists gathered at Geneva Point Center for our annual Camp Cleanup. By helping Geneva Point Center with Spring cleaning and preparing for the opening of their camp season, we are able to reduce the cost of holding Camp Aurora there. Our camper fees would be significantly higher if we didn’t do […]

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Camp Aurora

March Fun Friday – Camp Aurora Flashback

To celebrate Fun Friday today I decided to go back 10 years to remind everyone of what’s coming up in a few short months. You guessed it, Summer Camp! Not just any camp, but these photos were taken at Camp Aurora, a summer camp that’s been run by the Unification Faith community in NH for […]

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Honoring the Spirit of Native American Traditions

Earlier this week I was invited to a Native American fire circle. I really didn’t know what to expect but I said yes right away. As a matter of fact I didn’t even completely read the description my friend sent me, I trusted her, and the first four words sounded good to me: “To honor […]

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Emotions and Healthy Spirituality – part 2

(continued from part 1 on May 1st) Lack of self-knowledge is due in part to our social conditioning that disconnects us from ourselves and is characterized by such notions as, “real men don’t cry,” or “sometimes I am flooded with emotions that disorganize or confuse me.” (1) Rather than deny our emotions we need to […]

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