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Living Between Two Worlds

I recently stumbled across a curious book entitled “Between Two Worlds” by Tyler Henry. The sleeve had nothing to recommend it. The book jacket shows a very young-adult Tyler who looks like he belongs in a boy band. But synchronicity or something made me open it nonetheless. It didn’t help that someone sitting near me […]

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No Man Is An Island On Purpose

What is the purpose of life? What is my value and how do I fit into the bigger scheme of things? People have been searching for the answers to questions like these throughout history. Why We Feel Value From Relationships In this 4th section of the Lasting Imprint video series we see how the patterns of […]

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original imprint

From Chaos to Cosmos

The second session in the Lasting Imprint series is derived from the Principle of Creation in the Divine Principle. The first session was an introduction to the concepts presented in the series. This next video delves deeper into the nature of the universe and purpose of existence. Original Imprint In the world around us we […]

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social ethics from family

Social Ethics from the Second Blessing

The Divine Principle from a Unification Thought perspective The Second Blessing, part 10 In the last few articles, we’ve been looking at the virtues named in Unification Thought which help us understand ethical relationships in a family. This is the first part of the description of the Second Blessing: God’s second blessing was to be […]

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Lasting Imprint videos

Watch Lasting Imprint on YouTube

Faith Fusion is excited to share Lasting Imprint with everyone. This video series is a great way to learn more about the Divine Principle or share it with friends. Each of the thirteen dynamic episodes is just 20-25 minutes long. We will release a new episode every other week, starting today. Each episode builds on […]

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Reset – Begin Again From Your Original Nature

This is the second part of a series; read part one here: Resetting Your Faith To “reset” is to restore something to its original design. To set something back to its original purpose, its original intent. We don’t have to be stuck While we might acknowledge this to be true in theory, our actions speak […]

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your story

What’s Your Story?

Is it a love story, an epic adventure, or a radical world changing quest? Or are you just hanging out, waiting for life to happen? Everyday your story is etched in the annals of time. Are you the author, or are you waiting for someone else to do the writing? God created a masterpiece of […]

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Now’s The Time For What?

What time is it? How often do you ask that question every day? Our lives are driven by time—time for work, school, practice, appointments, deadlines, bed . . . the list goes on and on. In fact, time is so important in our culture that most of us have multiple tech devices all linked by […]

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Want a Happier Life? Ask Better Questions

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” -Albert Einstein Questions are everything. They determine what you focus […]

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Is Peace Really Possible?

The question of how to attain world peace is always with us, and has been the question since the beginning of time. Hikers recently found the body of a 5,000-year-old man preserved in ice in the mountains of Italy. Amazingly, scientists had the ability to investigate the details of his death. It was an untimely […]

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