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⚽ In less than 15 days ⚽

Beginning February 21st, fourteen coaches will gather in Aqaba, Jordan for 5 days to immerse themselves in Peace Club’s Champions in Life educational program. It is a “train the trainer” workshop. These are carefully selected football coaches from 14 of the 22 Arab countries, representing Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, UAE, and Yemen.

Peace Club’s Success

A creative team of three local Jordanian trainers led by Walid Abu Shanab, PEACE CLUB’s main educator and workshop leader, will guide the coaches through the learning exercises.

A Jordan Sports TV program editor will cover the event, plus a well-known national sports commentator. Also attending will be a top-ranked professor of sports education.

The Impact of Champions in Life

When PEACE CLUB trains one football coach and they pass on the Champions in Life program, developing sports character in their players, that means that between 50 and 100 youth (each year) will gain that experience.

We (conservatively) estimate 30 new players each year are engaged in the training through each PEACE CLUB coach.

By the end of 2017 PEACE CLUB had trained 500 coaches in Champions in Life. So at least 15,000 (500 x 30) youth are estimated to have been newly engaged during 2017.

This work has been primarily in Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

With this 2018 workshop, PEACE CLUB’s reach extends to over half of the Arab League nations. What is the most popular sport in Arab countries? That’s right, football (soccer).

Support Sports for Peace

PEACE CLUB still needs $5000+ to cover the expenses of the workshop
Please support this successful program.

⚽Thank you

Robin James Graham
CEO and Founder, PEACE CLUB

If you can also share with your friends and contacts. I am always looking to multiply the base of people who know about and support PEACE CLUB.

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