St. Valentine’s Hope for Love

Happy Valentine"s Day

This week, everyone’s thoughts turn to love. Whether it be a ten year old trading Sweethearts candy, a serious suitor, or a married couple reminding each other that love still burns brightly, we are all drawn to Valentine’s Day.

Lasting Love

But romantics aside, what can assure us of lasting love? After all, no-one wants to discover that love has left.

Creating lasting love starts with being clear about what you want. Too often we get distracted by things we think are important like careers, attraction or shared activities. But in the long run it’s the internal qualities that count and secure a long-term relationship.

How do we find love that’s:

  • Unchanging
  • Unique
  • Unconditional
  • Everlasting

More Than Marriage – A book about love that’s different

More than Marriage examines some of the key ingredients to love that lasts a lifetime. Find out more at

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